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The Romanian Journal of Child and Adolescent Neurology and Psychiatry

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Authors: Magdalena Sandu, Smaranda Niță, Raluca Teleanu

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Introduction: Stroke represents a focal neurological deficit lasting more than 24 hours, with a vascular basis. Lack of accompanying clinical signs makes the diagnosis difficult when the patient is a newborn or infant and the causes are not common with those of an adult.
General and neurological examination may reveal early or late signs as plagiocephaly, laterocolis, seizures, visual deficit and delayed motor and cognitive milestones. This clinical picture can outline a stroke at the newborn age.
Confirmation is made by imagistic techniques, cerebral ultrasound, tomography or magnetic resonance leading to appropriate therapy.
Stroke at newborn and infant age is a pathology with increasing recognition due to modern neuroimaging techniques. An early diagnosis represents an essential condition in order to diminish neurological sequelae and to improve patients’ quality of life.


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